Choosing the right Sports Therapist for you

January 8, 2017


Hey everyone I'm Jason and have been a sports therapist for years and one of the most common questions I get asked is how do I know if I'm receiving the right treatment?


Well thats a big question and could potentially be a long winded answer. I think one of the first things is when you have your first treatment, allow yourself  time to sit down and go through your medical history with the person treating as this is gold to a therapist and will help when they formulate a treatment plan for you. Tell them about any injuries you have, yes even the embarrassing ones, like when you fell over as you turned round to talk to a friend. Don't worry they wont laugh, these things happen and its just part of life, that's why we call them accidents, even though we curse ourselves after.


Once they have talked to you about how the injury happened, they will go through an assessment of the injury, yes part of this involves putting their hands on the effected body part, although they will have towels to cover your modesty, try to make sure you have underwear on, yes I did say underwear, they will then work out a treatment plan for you and explain what they will be doing. This is your time for any questions, after all you are paying for the treatment and if there is something you feel uncomfortable about feel free to say.


So onto treatment they will use oil on you, massage oil, not car oil. If your allergic to nuts and haven't said beforehand, let them know as some oils contain nuts. Onto the sports massage, they will begin by gradually warming up the tissue, through a variety of different massage techniques, this is to bring heat into the muscle, so that it is easier to work and then allows them to work deeper in the muscle tissue, but also to get an exact feel of what is happening in the muscle. Now onto the good stuff, the deep tissue massage, this is to treat the injury or issue you have come to them with, they will use more techniques, which can be quite hard on the body, they will ask you on a scale of 1-10 the discomfort you are feeling, 5 is the max really as any harder you will be getting bruises and take longer to heal, yes you will feel discomfort, but we want you to get better in the quickest time. Once they have finished the treatment, which may be with stretches, they will explain what they have found and how long its likely to take to get better.


At the end they will say to make sure you drink water, the reason being is massage can dehydrate you due to moving round of blood and other fluids. They may leave the room for you to get dressed, depending on what part of the body they have treated, but will say beforehand to take time before sitting up and getting dressed. Why you may ask? This is because of the fluids being moved round and also where you been laid down that it can make you dizzy.


So take time, drink water and enjoy the massage, if you don't feel you have been listened to, ask questions or even if you have give feedback, as the therapist is only human and its always good to hear the pluses and minuses, as they will change how they approach things, but like any of us we don't know if we are not made aware. Also with making them aware you will want to comeback as its your treatment and we don't want you to go anywhere else as you are important to us and we want to help you.


Most of all its your treatment, so if you have time beforehand and they offer the service, talk to them over the phone, internet or whatever you feel comfortable with so you can see if you like the sound of what they offer, how they come across and what its going to cost you.


Last but not least if you cant make the next appointment, let them know at least a day before as they can they move around their schedule to fit in someone else and not lose out on business



Thanks for taking the time to read and if you have any questions feel free to mail me



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