Exercise and Depression

January 22, 2017


I have been thinking a lot recently especially with events in my own life and others that I have spoken to, yes I did say spoken to. As ironic as it may seem being that I am using social media to post this. I feel like we have lost the art of conversation, with the way media has advanced in the last 10 years. It use to be that we would write a letter or call somebody up, but now we text or tweet,wassap etc, which is great in its own medium, if you are promoting a business or just showing you are having a generally great time, you may well ask where I am going with this in regards to the title. Well I feel when people are in despair such as PTSD, depression, anxiety and so on that they become introverted and communicate less and less, eventually cutting themselves off to the world and going further and further into themselves and eventually become so isolated they lose the ability to talk, hence my comments about social media. Some people god forbid, even take there own lives. You may ask how I can sit on a box an preach, but I am not preaching, more so voicing my concern for my fellow human being. How can I say any of these things, well I have had personal experience of friends taking there own lives, but also my own battles with  my own inner worth.


So if you haven't heard from someone, give them a call or even pop round to check on them, they would appreciate it, but also this could potentially be the first step in helping them become less isolated, but also they can see somebody cares about them. Yes its important to look after yourself and value yourself, yes I may not know you, but take care of yourself, as you are important and valued, then once you are able to take care of yourself and love yourself, show the people around you that they are loved and appreciated.


How does this lead to exercise and depression, well when you start an exercise programme, you are demonstrating that you care about yourself and you have value, YES YOU HAVE VALUE. Exercise also also helps you set goals and work on achieving them, by doing this you are showing you are able to achieve things, WHICH I KNOW YOU ARE ABLE TO ACHIEVE. With exercise you start to lose weight, tone up and become stronger and fitter, another tick in the box for you. High 5 to you, you are on you own path and doing great. Also when you stretch you are showing that you care, by taking care of your body and recovery, which leads me to eating properly, which you can do, YOUR NOW DOING AMAZING. Exercise as my great friend Carson Franklin says "lets the dolphins out", by this I mean Endorphins, the feel good chemical, but his expression always made me laugh. The most important plus is that it gets you out of the house and lets you interact with other people, yes I did say other people, yes it may be scary, but you can do it.


I think  especially after the euphoria of Christmas, there is always going to be the dark January, February, but also as this time reminds us of people who have passed away, but also where you have been surrounded by people and now they have gone home and you are own and with your own thoughts. Remind yourself you do have value, but it has to come from within. You may ask how do I do this? Well I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, but more a friend saying you are worth something, yes I dont know you, but you are. Go to the Doctor and tell them how you are feeling, it may be that they offer you some tablets to help you on your way, its nothing to be ashamed of, if you had a broken arm you would go to an upper limb specialist or hospital. If your teeth were a problem, you would go to a dentist, if your feet were a problem you would go to a Chiropodist, so its just getting help with your head.


Next step maybe find a therapist, but somebody you connect with and feel that they are invested in you and not just your money.  Start to eat better, get advice from a Personal Trainer or Nutritionist. Join a gym and start a fitness programme or just starting training outside, after you have consulted with your Doctor. Join some groups to interact with people, which will help you get out of the house.


Most important if you are feeling rubbish, call up a friend and just be honest, you will be surprised how many people feel the same. People are your friends and love and value you, even if you cant see it in yourself, thats why they are your friend. The enjoy your company and you as a person, YES YOU AS A PERSON.



Much Love and keep talking and setting yourself goals.


Until next time





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