Setting Goals and perfectionism

January 30, 2017


Here we are in January and the gyms and swimming pools are busier than ever, why you may ask? Well we are all trying to get rid of the Christmas food and chocolate weight we have put on over the festive period.


The first thing we need to remember is that Rome wasn't built in a Day and that we have to take things slowly. So if you're new to exercise have a chat with the Doctor and they can give you the once over to make sure you are okay to start a fitness programme, but also that it is safe for you to do so. I can here you saying i'm fine and you may well be, but help the instructor and yourself, just have a quick check, it wont take long, plus it wont hurt. I promise.


So you want to lose weight, put on muscle or just become all round fitter and stronger. Well how do I achieve this I hear you ask. First question really is why do you want to do this? To feel better about yourself? Or do you have a particular event you want to train for? Be that a Wedding, Birthday  or fitness event? Well now we have identified why? How long do you have and is this achievable in the time you have?



So we have gone through all those questions and now have worked out if we can achieve this in the available time,so not to set the bar to high and you fall completely flat on your face and therefore feel completely down in the dumps and a failure, of which I know you are not.


So lets look at your diet at the moment and what you will need to eat more of or less of, yes I did say less of! So we have worked out the diet and now we have put an exercise plan together, making sure we include rest Days, you will need rest days in any training programme, as the muscles will need to recover, as when we are training the muscle tissue gets broken down to become stronger.


You're doing well and now we need to make sure we have a good stretching programme, why I may hear you ask, well when we exercise the muscles shorten and shorten, thats why when you see a person flex their arms they swell as the chemical filaments in them pull together like little hooks, so we stretch them to bring them back to their original length, but also to reduce the chance of injury as there should be no muscle imbalances, but like anything, injuries can and will happen, we are just trying reduce the chances of them happening.


So you are ticking all the boxes, but don't seem to be getting anywhere, thats OK, pop back to the instructor or personal trainer and have a chat as they are there to help you.


What we need to make sure we do, is give you short term goals with the big goal at the the end of it, but also this is a way to review your progress and you can see how far you have come, congratulations you are on your way.


So we have got to the end goal, but have fallen short. Don't worry, the most important things is you have followed all the advice and kept disciplined with everything, if not this is a lesson for the future, remember you are only human and we all make mistakes and its how you use the lessons for the future, the most important thing is not to beat yourself up, this wont help and will just make you feel worse.


Yes you want to be perfect, but you know what, none of us are perfect, we make mistakes and thats why they are called mistakes, the person near or next to you, they make look like they are doing better, but guess what? They are going through struggles just as much as you, they may be different, but we all have our own paths to follow.


One really important thing, which I am a great supporter of, but this is something I believe in and not trying to force on you, if you feel there are things you haven't dealt with emotionally, which could hold you back or help you, find a good therapist and talk to them, this has helped me loads and may help you, but only do this, if you feel it could help you, not because I have done it, this is all about you



Things to take moving forward.

1. You are capable

2. You are strong

3 You're only human

4. Set small goals, with big goals at the end

5. Review your progress

6. Ask for help. it wont come looking for you

7. We all have our own battles, even though it may only seem like you

8. Life is hard, but you are able

9. Rome wasn't built in a Day

10. Pick some great music to train with, this makes the world of difference



Happy New Year and much love to what you want to achieve. I believe in you


Until next time, much love and look after and invest in yourself




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