You are amazing, would you like to know why?

February 1, 2017


Yes you are amazing, so the human body has over 300 bones and 640 muscles in them, yes your body. With those muscles the strongest and most powerful muscles are your butt muscles, they push you upright, slow you down when running, push you upstairs or on a treadmill, but also slow you down when cooling down or breaking from a run.


The most intricate muscles are in our face, around 43 but they have to change so many expressions.


They are 24 bones in your back as well as discs, ligaments and over 100 muscles in your spine, they all work to hold you upright and protect your from injury as well as helping the nerves talk to the body, which either tell a muscle to work or provide feedback to the brain to either react to a trauma, such as burn and pull the limb away or send chemicals to help treat the injury.



The longest muscle is called the sartorius or otherwise known as the housemaids knee muscle, which helps bend the knee.


Then we come to your feet, they serve to help you keep you upright, but also they are one of the parts of the body which have something in them called proprioceptors, what are these I hear you ask, well the are pressure sensors, which provide feedback to the brain in turn telling the feet to readjust the position to keep you standing up.


The average body contains between 4.7 and 5.5 liters of blood, which functions to carry oxygen around the body, transport vitamins and minerals, as well as some food to the muscles.


The body contains around 50-65 % water, which functions to help carry blood around the body as well as keeping the body cool, as for every 1% rise in body temperature we lose around 3% in performance, which brings me onto the most interesting thing, well I think so anyway. When we exercise there are explosions in our muscles, which breaks down the sugars and allows the muscles to move and the more we exercise the more explosions, so our body starts to get hotter and it is cooled through sweating, this allows the heats to leave the body and the sweat to pour over us, but we must replace the water through drinking, as otherwise our blood starts to thicken and our delivery of oxygen and sugars to the muscles is drastically reduced, then our performance slows down. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying by drinking loads of water that we would become like an Olympic athlete as this takes years.


With all this in mind the body has inspired many things in technology and design, take the car for example this has a lot of ideas from the body, cooling systems, heating systems, engine etc.


The body has to go through so much stress and wear and tear as well as dealing with the physical and mental strains of the Day and life.  On top of this you have sickness, diseases and other things you have to deal with. So you are amazing even if you don't realise and think it. Each Day you are going through so much and you are doing great. So give yourself a pat on the back and think I am doing great. I know there are tasks and things that may come at you, which could feel like I am not capable of dealing with this, but you are. I know you are.


Surround yourself with positive people, as you become what you surround yourself with. A great motto Bear Grylls uses, which is paddle your own canoe, which means take your own path and your own journey, but also but being around these people you can and will help each other through hard situations, which at the time you didn't think you would be able to do.



Much love and until next time



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