Strength, adversity and the journey within

February 6, 2017



So we live a world now that is becoming more and more challenging, especially with the lack of leaders either in government or other environments, so begs my question what has happened to leadership, manliness and strength, don't get me wrong I am not saying there aren't good role models, but some of the men we look at in government and some business are very weak in there nature and there ability to take responsibility or take charge. You may well ask how can you say this Jason?


Well let me tell you a bit about myself, I come from London and have a stepfather that I look up to and hes taught me a lot about strength and leadership, but also about looking after the people around you. This wasn't always the case for me, my father was quite weak and drank to hide his own insecurities, he would cheat on my Mother, but also was physically abusive to her and mentally and emotionally abusive to myself and my siblings. He would make promises and let us down all the time. We moved around London and I think I went to around 4 different secondary schools in London and Bristol. I am not telling you this for you to feel sorry for me, you don't need to, as I don't and in fact I am quite thankful for these experiences now. You could say why? Well the answer is that it has made me a stronger person, to not allow that person to affect me or determine what I was worth.


I had a car accident back in 2010 and ripped the upper part of  my chest which set off a nerve disorder called CRPS, which can leave you in chronic pain and with chronic depression, don't get me wrong it can bring me down and i'm not proud to admit for a time it did and also I put on about four stone in weight and developed psoriasis, which is a skin condition.


How have I kept myself moving forward, well I started to look within and the things I have achieved.


1. I finished School despite moving around loads and an appalling Father

2. I trained for and passed the Royal Marines Potential Recruit course, of which only 10% of all applicants pass, its true when the advert says 99% need not apply and I have done this and am so proud of myself

3. I left a job which paid me quite decently and trained as a Sports Therapist and Personal trainer

4. I knew I wanted to work in Motorsport, so made a plan. I done lots of work free of charge for nearly two years, whilst doing this I phoned Williams Formula One and Maclaren, of which the Head of Williams F1 Human Performance mentored me and I was eventually offered the position to work for Formula BMW.

5. I have worked with Aston Martin, TVR, BMW

6. I worked at both the Le mans and Spa 24 hr races, looking after the drivers, pit crew and team to keep them awake and alert

7. I have sat down with Murray Walker and chatted for over half an hour about motorsport. I have also met Jon Surtees ( really famous F1 and motorbike rider) he also gave me his business card

8. I have been to various countries all around the world

9. I am learning to play the guitar

10. I have just been offered a new job


The one constant that really has helped me is my Stepfather, he has shown me what it is to be strong and be a man. To be quiet and listen and observe, despite the shit hitting the fan. To take charge of situations when needed, despite people running around like headless chickens, but also to be disciplined in your approach to adversity. The main thing he has taught me is to be responsible for my actions and to take responsibility if I have done something wrong and to apologise or deal with the situation.


Dont get me wrong I could have let all this bad stuff have the opposite effect and be dragged down by it, but I wouldn't give my Father the power to do that to me, but also to sap my mental strength. I am very fortunate for the friends and family around and the fact that this made me the Man I am today, without those experiences, who's to say, but I am here and I am pushing into that snow storm with a fuck you attitude.


So if this has helped you awesome, grab the bull by the horns make a plan and ask for help, you can do it I know you can


Much Love





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