Facing fear, becoming a Warrior, unleashing the lion within

February 7, 2017

 So recently I had been chatting to one of my friends as he had an issue and was feeling nervous and anxious about this particular thing, Which got me to thinking about our senses and feelings and the purpose of them, but more so about how  we adapt to things.


Much kudos to him, he faced it head on and dealt with the things he needed to and despite feeling awful he faced them and battle through this challenge.  When we look back to the time of caveman our senses where more heightened, due to the fear of being killed by other cavemen or tribes, but more so the bigger issue were dinosaurs. Anxiousness would be there to heighten our senses and to keep us out of danger and if need be  surge our body with the adrenaline to either run away or fight, also known as the flight or fight theory. Although we don't have the fear of Dinosaurs anymore, we all have our own fears and things that can trigger off anxiousness or even in some people cause panic attacks, which can feel like we are in danger and need to escape.


So all though this person was feeling awful he faced this stressor and pushed through those feelings,  although after feeling mentally exhausted he overcome that one challenge. Which got me to thinking our feelings are there to make us aware of things, but also to protect us against dangers and challenges. By facing these challenges we are becoming more of the caveman/warrior and becoming a lion. We are saying I feel awful inside but I am capable of doing this and overcoming this bump in the road, which  you are, you're able to face these challenges. I remember many moons ago now being in Air Cadets and I hated heights, it was a   really hot Day and I was told I was going up in a two seat aircraft and flying, thinking to myself, what the hell am I going to do, to set the scene I had ate a big meal about an hour before. As the plane took off and we gained height, thinking to myself this isn't so bad or at least I thought so, then the instructor said to me would I like to do any stunts, me being the typical 14 year old said yes, now I look back and think oh why, well suffice to say we don't all kinds of stunts and I was sick as a dog. When we came into land my friends saw how white I was as I climbed out of the plane and decided to continually take the piss out of me for the rest of the Day as I laid in my bed, thinking why did I do this, but now I can look back and laugh as to be honest its really funny, but also it helped me get over my fear of flying and to understand the principles of flight.


With each of my blogs they are my insight into things and not trying to undermine any medical care people are going through in regards to their mental health, always if in doubt speak to somebody and seek medical advice. A problem shared relieves some of the mental burden on yourself and is very important for you, actually always seek advice as I don't want you causing yourself any issues without talking them through with other people as you have to  consider what you are going to do and the potential dangers or outcome of situations.


You are capable of becoming a warrior/lion. You are strong and you are amazing, life has its ups and downs, but you are able and capable of getting through these things. I feel like I am rambling now, so will stop here, but suffice to say keep safe, talk to other people as they are there for you and ask for help.



Much love and until next time





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