Sticks and stones, the Lone Wolf

February 21, 2017

 I was thinking the other Day about how the media make us set a bench mark which let's be honest isn't achievable, it feeds us with so much rubbish about being perfect, with airbrushed images. It also feeds us to struggle to buy clothes or products in the hope that it will make us more acceptable to everyone else. No wonder people are more depressed, anxious or suicidal as it feeds into our insecurities and manipulates us to buy crap a lot of the time we don't need.


A lot of this feeds into bullying and harassing of children and adults into conforming or not feeling good enough. I look back to the years of my grandparents, around the 1st and second world war era, this wasn't so apparent and people just dressed nicely had manners and didn't try to make people feel awful, but the reverse people worked together despite adversity.


Essentially we come from Apes and do you imagine these animals needed to have a particular product or item to be accepted, No I'm damn sure they didn't , they were accepted for their position in the group on the basis of there strength and what key skills they could bring.


The lone wolf and the ape both (pardon my french) didn't give a fuck what people thought of them, but were strong and followed there own path. I remember being injured in the Marines and deciding to leave, but I was called into the head officer on the base to explain my decision, they told me I was shit and everybody hated me, but also they were glad I was going. I said thank you saluted and walked out, they didn't expect this, what they were doing was trying to employ reverse psychology. The next two weeks I spent getting drunk and having a laugh before leaving. Don't get me wrong I loved the Marines and I am not saying this to reflect them in a bad light, but more so to say keep strong in your own path and ignore the defeatist people, screw them. What is more important is what you think of yourself, these people don't pay your bills and ultimately you are responsible for your decisions. When you are sat at home completely in debt because you tried to please them or get them to like you,THIS IS YOUR FAULT, you listened to them. Don't feel sorry for yourself though as this is a lesson to take and not repeat.


So what can we take from this

1. Words against you mean nothing, what is important is what you think of you

2. Animals aren't defined by what they wear or have and neither should you be

3. You are strong, you are powerful, you have evolved from apes

4. Invest in yourself

5. Keep the positive people around you, talk to the negative people and if you can't get through to them, get rid of them

6. People project their insecurities on you, what they say about you is generally what they feel about themselves

7. You are capable of achieving things

8. Work out what you enjoy and do it



Much love as always, don't be hard on yourself, but tell yourself positive things about you







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