Natural Ability & Mental Strength

February 26, 2017

 So I haven't been on here for a while as I needed to take some time off.


Today I went down to Dunkerswell Race Circuit in Devon to see one of my friends race 250 cc Go Karts. I have had the privilege to call him and his Dad Nigel my friends. I have always loved Motorsport and worked in this area for a long time.


It is rare in your life you get to witness a person with a natural gift for particular sport, profession or subject and it takes your breath away when you do witness it. Ashley for me is one of those people. I have been fortunate enough to see him race and can see how good he is, but today was one of those days where I so how amazing he is. I arrive there this Morning to the race circuit and the team had quite a few drinks the Night before and Ash joined and why not as all work and no play doesnt work. I thought to myself well today might not be as good and may take him longer to get upto speed and looked to try and help by re-hydrating him and looking for energy to help him. He went out for the first Morning laps to check the telemetry was working, but what I saw on the first race I could never have envisaged and truly took my breath away. After the first couple of laps he pulled away from the rest of the competition and smashed them by at least 2 seconds per lap. I thought to myself I know he is great but this shouldn't be possible being how dehydration affects performance,  but this then happened in the second race also after starting off in 5th and making quick work off the other drivers to be in 1st place again and win the second race.


I drove home after the second race to go and watch Rugby with a couple of friends, but was still trying to digest what I had witnessed. This then took me back to the era of George Best, Jim Clark and James Hunt, who all in regards to Sports Science of today had a complete different approach to how we would prepare for things now, but how could they have done this with the lifestyle of the time, well they all had natural ability and yes there has been massive advances in sports science. Unless you have this natural ability it takes practice and practice, you look at Johnny Wilkinson, he is that good because he obsessively practiced to the point he became depressed if he didn't perform as he expected. I know for myself I practiced and worked so hard to understand Sports Therapy and Personal Training and like Johnny became obsessed with it, but this is because both Johnny and I loved the things we done.


With Ash you can see how much he loves racing and how good he is and when you are lucky to witness perfection the only thing you can do is admire that beauty and bask in its glory.


From a Sports Therapy and Personal Training point of view you can do what you can do to help within what you witness happening to the body and adapt accordingly, but when the person has natural talent and huge amounts of mental focus it makes it easier. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that you shouldn't do something if you don't have natural talent, but that you will need to put in the practice and the preparation, you will be able to achieve your goals, but just wanted to share this memory and insight before it went out of my head


As always much love and until next time keep training and setting your goals, you can achieve greatness I believe in you.





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