Passion and Recovery

February 27, 2017

 Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Day where ever you may be.

I have been thinking recently about how important it is to have a passion and strive each Day to go for it. I remember back in 2000 having a full time Job and knowing that it wasn't enough and that I didn't feel fulfilled, so I made the decision that I was going to leave and train as a Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer. "This was one of the biggest and hardest decision I ever made" I thought to myself, but I needed to make a plan to move forward. So i started to research the course I was going to do. I then started to ring around different motorsport associations and racing circuits, also racing teams to  build relationships, over the next few years I would work sometimes free of charge to get myself known and build up trust, whilst working for different agencies in a temporary capacity in any job I needed to do.


I remember telephoning Williams Formula 1 and Mclaren to see of there where any vacancies in Human Performance of which I thought I would never hear anything. One day the head of Human Performance for Williams rang me and explained who he was and that would I like to be mentored and helped, he helped me for many years and after seeing the work I had done and the research I had worked on for different racing series,  he offered me work with BMW in British Touring Cars. I worked for BMW for a year and went to Bahrain for the BMW world final meeting Nigel Mansell, Jon Surtees and enjoying being in one of the most beautiful countries in my life.

After that year I stopped working for BMW, but went on to work for Aston Martin in FIA GT at the Spa 24 hrs in Belgium, working with an amazing Driver called Alan Simonsen who unfortunately died in an accident at the Le Mans 24hr, he was an amazing driver and an equally amazing person.


After 2005 I stopped working in motorsport as the work dried up and In 2006 I was completely in debt. I had put all my money and life into motorsport, despite working temporarily this wasn't enough. I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained in every way

Do I regret putting everything into this? Hell no, if I hadn't done this I wouldn't have got where I did.

I have recovered since, but had I not studied these subjects, when I had a car accident and developed a nerve disorder I wouldn't have been able to treat myself and stopped it getting worse than it is. I wouldn't have met the people I did and have the experiences i had.


This experience and journey has taught me that you have to love what you do and has now changed the way I approach things, but this is part of the journey of life and I wont look back and say I wish I had done that.

Do I regret that I went to Marines and got injured in training? No because I put everything into it.


So what lessons Can we learn from this?


Approach things with passion, if that be a relationship, job, career, studies, what ever you be doing, but don't compromise your safety

These experiences you are having may feel awful but they are teaching you to be stronger and adapt to things, but should this be an abusive situation leave it

What do you enjoy? Can answer this? Take time, but make the time

Keep pushing for those goals, even if they seem unreachable

Ask for help

Why do you Fall? (Batman Begins) So we can get back

It is not failure, it is a lesson

You are strong, You are able, Believe in yourself

Cut the negative talk, love yourself and who you are, but also what you have accomplished

Have a plan, keeping reviewing that plan, but have a plan as without a map you will be going round in circles

I know I keep repeating this, but surround yourself with positive people, your become what you surround yourself with. A ship has an anchor, you are not a ship so don't let people drag your down






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