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April 9, 2017

 Hey everyone so I am back after a long time out, just gathering thoughts and so on, with recent events in London, Paris and now Sweden it got me to thinking that there are quite a few bad things happening in the World and why it's important for us to keep our humanity.


I feel like it is really important to try and help people, as long as it isn't compromising your safety, finances, whilst ensuring it is a two way street ( when possible ), don't get me wrong I am not using this for a rant, but more so to say we need to ensure we have correct boundaries in place to ensure our own welfare isn't compromised. I am not saying don't help people, just to be clear


I was fortunate enough along the way, whilst studying and after graduating in Sports Therapy/Personal training to have people who I could speak to and ask for advice, not only in regards to these subjects, but other life challenges or issues. These people I am so grateful to 

( you know who you are) and in turn I am there for them.


One of the groups of people I look up to are the Native Americans, the reason being was that there was a hierarchy in place, you had the chiefs, the elders, then the people below them, the reason they progressed for such a long time is that the handed down, knowledge and taught the younger people things, instilling them a sense of honour, morals, integrity and boundaries, but also they worked hard and bonded together they were very spiritual, but also respected there elders and feel like business could really benefit from having more mentoring schemes.


Each of us has learnt knowledge ( yes you ), we all have individual talents and you bring something to the table, when we see someone suffering, have an ear for them, there is so much stress going on each Day and listening may bring some relief to the other person or may point them in the right direction if they need advice


I was watching a documentary recently on Andy Whitfield, the actor who played Spartacus and  unfortunately died of cancer, he had such a zest for life is an inspiration to me, even up to the dying moments he showed his children such strength and love. The thing is lots of family units have broken down through divorce and the children, who some of may be adults now have not had somebody to help them or mentor them, but also show love to them, which in turn there self esteem/self worth may be rock bottom, if this is you, you are awesome, you are strong and you have value.


Some of the people who have helped me are going through terrible times and this is a time to listen for me and only give advice once I ask, which i a nightmare for me as my reaction is to always give advice. I don't know if that comes from being a therapist or something else, but im not trying  rationalize it, but more so being quiet and listening. I can feel myself even now going tell them tell them, damn the little devil on my shoulder


To all my friends who have helped me and hopefully I have helped you, you are loved, you are awesome and you bring so much to this world and to me, keep doing what you do, keep pushing forward.



Much Love




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