Embracing time and challenges

April 15, 2017

 Okay so the last couple of Days had been a bit strange, like everyone its the bank holiday and you want to do everything you can and cram as much as you can in. Well this is what I had been trying to do. Me and my friend we went to Swindon yesterday to watch AFC Wimbledon play Swindon and to be honest I didn't think much of the game, my reason I think manly was that I had seen the original Wimbledon play in London, but that was many years ago, but then after chatting to one of my friends, as I must admit I don't really now much about football, they both said well its near the end of the season and they hadn't put there best players out as they were probably resting them and to be honest they were thinking they would have lost so the a draw was good. Then I had a good think and thought ok what did I get out of this, well I got time to spend with my friend we had a good laugh about a few things, one being when we arrived at the ground and said could we park, we were asked where we there for the football, well as this is the only parking for the football I think the answer was yes, there was an accident on the way so we had to take another route, so another adventure in its own, then on the way back we got to have a beer and a chat, so overall was a great Day.


Today I went on a tracking course run by The Nomad Supply Company, one of the owners being a friend of mine Jonny Collins, initially when we started I thought "I'm not going to get this as it feels to confusing to me". The course was run by an Army sniper, who was so concise and clear  with the instructions and helpful along the way, answering any questions we had and was an all round great man, we had a great lunch and the course was really interactive and the men on the course were a great bunch of men, by the end of the Day everything seemed to click together and now I am thinking even more about what we learnt. Nomad Supply are so organised and down to earth you couldn't fail to enjoy yourself, plus the transition from one subject to the next flowed so well. If anything it was an honour to be taught by the sniper running the course and listening to some of the stories he told us you couldn't help but feel humbled.


If you ever get a chance to go on of The Nomad Supply course I highly recommend it


So what did i take from these couple of experiences and what can we learn:


You never know as much as you think you do

Things are hard, persevere with them and you will progress as you are capable

Most things you can look back and laugh about

Each experience teaches you things and allows you to look at things with a different viewpoint

Try to enjoy the time you have as you never know when you wont be able to have more time

We all bring some skills and knowledge to the table

Appreciate the people around you



Much love








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