Your stronger than you think

May 16, 2017


I've been chatting to friends recently who have been going through terrible times, through one thing or another. It got me to thinking of how much society/ourselves are easy to knock us down and give us bad messages about our self, which then results into more and more negative talk, which if I'm honest is crap. Images in the media set us benchmarks of lets be honest air brushed people, most of the time, there are exceptions, instead of giving us these images, why not something more realistic, but that doesn't sell clothes or other products, it plays on and reinforces or insecurities.


What we need is good things to aim for that  dont ruin peoples self esteem and body image, but actively encourages us to appreciate who we are as human beings.


Each Day people struggle through their own issues, be that mental, physical or maybe both, but you are pushing yourself through this,despite anxiety, panic attacks and other things, you are going to the Doctor, Friend, therapist, counselor, but you are doing this, so pat yourself on the back and celebrate you. You are doing this. You may be reading this and have lost your job and this is creating anxiety, but are capable of getting through this, make sure you chat though even if it is an ear to listen or offer advice, if that is what you need, but make clear, as people can think you need help. You are doing this, you may have to reduce your spending, talk to people you owe money to and make arrangements, but you can and will do this. Do you know why i Know as I have had to go through this. I remember coming home from Royal Marines training and having to find a job, with no money, selling everything i had to pay bills and just make ends meet, but I done it, so I know you can. Exactly we are epic, give yourself a pat on the back.


Through these struggles you become strong mentally, now look it the mirror and congratulate yourself as you are doing this. Yes you have reached out for help, with your current situation, notice how I said current situation. I could have said problem, but its not as you are solving it, yes you.


So you are a Warrior, yes you. You have reached out for help, you are fighting your way out of this situation, you have asked for help and you are becoming a stronger version of yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror, your lion/lioness is there and you are finding it. Your body and brain might feel like it is trying to run away, don't worry this is only a panic attack, you can handle this.


Take a look at the image at the top of this page, this is you, you are facing this, you are dealing with it, sometime situations you are in finish, such as a job, because it wasn't a good fit for you, you will find something better and more deserving of you, why do i know this, because i have been there, it made me stronger and will help you to become a more strong and confident version of yourself. Did this situation suck, yeah it was crap, but taught me to adapt, change and think of what I needed. I done this, so can you, you are stronger than you think

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