Your Not alone, you are loved

May 22, 2017

 Hey everyone, hope you are well? So with the death of Chris Cornell, it got me to thinking about things a lot and how, despite being famous or having money, it doesn't change the state of our mental health, we are all just people and the trappings and pressure fame  must be overwhelming. I remember talking to a friend who is a very well known singer, this was just after a gig and was chatting to him outside a hotel, as we were chatting people were coming up asking for autographs and pictures and it was overwhelming me and it wasn't even happening to me, just thought give the man a  break, but he was lovely and kind to everyone who approached him, which made me respect him even more so.


Having had personal experience of a couple of friends death to suicide, one of my friends lost his job, his parents split up and his girlfriend broke up all in the same week, which I can understand how overwhelmed in that time, but there were no signs beforehand of his deterioration of his mental health or well being, he seemed his usual happy self. It just shows how thing can changed so quickly.


We all have our demons from one thing or another and we need to make sure we have somebody to reach out to or chat, even it seems trivial it can manifest itself into something bigger, much like a snowball effect. The song I have posted if you listen to the words, show that you mean a lot and to value yourself, you do mean a lot. I remember coming home from Marines training a being told before I left by one of the chief officers that " I was shit, they all thought I was crap and they wanted rid of me", but I know looking back they wanted me to change my mind and were using revers psychology on me. Had I been in a less strong position in my mind it could have had the desired effect, but that doesn't mean I don't love or value the services, far from it.


The internal messages we give ourselves, which are known as our inner child, critical and nurturing parent triangle are so important in terms of loving and caring for ourselves and appreciating ourselves. The more encouraging messages we give ourselves the better our self esteem will be. You are valued, you are loved, you are cared about, YES YOU.

You all bring something to the table, whatever that may be a smile, winning personality, a talent, intelligence. You are appreciated for your contribution by people,even though it may not seem it.


When we listen to music from artists, we are getting an opening into their soul and they are bearing themselves to us, maybe under our judgement, which lets be honest we can't judge, but listen and enjoy,  for example I listen to Jessie J and the passion, soul, sheer beauty of the voice you can just get lost in and transfer you to a completely different place, so the message of the song and everything that goes in it, has the ability to transform our mood and state of mind. This song that is with this blog has a massive message of love and kindness to ourselves, but so much soul, it's like the musician is a wizard with his voice, instrument(s) and pen to effect us in such and deep down way in our psyche. As human beings we  appreciate and welcome recognition. I'm not going to try and get into the mindset of Chris Cornell, but recognize that is sad the passing of him and his incredible talent. I could never get into what was happening, but know that this was a dark place, much love to you Chris on your journey and RIP.


So in regards to ourselves what do we need to do for our own health, self care:


So take time for yourself

Do nice things for yourself

listen to music

take up a sport

take up yoga

Stretch, you rarely see a cat with a pulled muscle

Drink water

Eat something nice

Learn and instrument

Speak to a therapist

Ring up a buddy, you never know they maybe going through the same thing or had gone through the same experience

Take time to check in on yourself and that your getting what you need

Go to the Doctors and have your own MOT, check you physical and mental health


Your not alone, pick up the phone, ask for help


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