Its healthy to talk, with the right people

July 30, 2017


 As I write this ironically through the death of the singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, has come some good and some great things, but I will expand some more,  the death of a person is an awful thing and more so I think when it comes through suicide as It is a shock and unexpected, yes we all could say , but so do some deaths, this is true. I think what has transpired after, especially from my point of view was the reality of what he had been through, in regards to the abuse he experienced as young person , then the addictions which were to escape from the pain.


Yesterday I went to London for a memorial service/celebration of the singer and I met some wonderful people, what then transpired in regards to what I was saying about good things coming from his death was to highlight mental health and depression, which I hope will continue, as we are all human and exposed to different stress and traumas, both financially and physical as well as other different things. When I was speaking to the people at the celebration of his life, people I started to talk to about how he felt and how I sometimes feel, they started to open up to me and tell me how they are feeling, not only is this healthy, but an amazing gift to have opened as part of his legacy, don't get me wrong I wish the suicide never happened, but it did and there is nothing we can change about that. What we were lucky was to have such a kind soul share his love with us. This love is reflected in the fans, who have this shared love and pain at the same time. It is important to have this time to digest how you feel and work though it by talking to people, writing, singing, dancing, drawing, but talking it the most important, having this time also allows for acceptance that this has happened and move forward, as much as this is impossible. I don't mean to forget, far from that I mean to allow from a mental health point of view as this is a hard and horrible time. What came from last night as well as love, was an lovely sharing of how people are feeling and recognize we aren't alone in how we feel about yourself or how we are perceived, which I know I am highly critical of myself. When I was listening to

Chester 's last interview about his depression and how he went through periods where he didn't like himself and I can completely relate to this, but more so as I write this I am listening to One more light, which is the name of the latest album and you can hear the love and beauty and kindness in his voice. To you lovely people reading this, you are amazing, you are loved and you are appreciated, we can relate to your pain and how you are feeling, as we all feel like this, yes we all do. We think you are amazing. Last nights celebration of music and drink and shared pain, yet love at the same, was amazing and I feel fortunate to have been there. Remember if you are feeling awful or in bad place I am at the other end of the phone. We must talk and share, you never know by sharing may get someone else to open up, which can not only be healthy, but through shared adversity, we can become stronger and healthier together, which is what I experienced last night and I thank you for sharing, it was an honor. Chester's memory, his music and love will never be forgotten and we will honor you by talking more, but keeping listening to your music. I feel so privileged to have been at you last concert, but I also feel so privileged to have been in Camden last Night at met some amazing and passionate people.


Before I went to Camden I stopped in Putney to see a couple of lovely people who run a cat website and they have been going through a tough time, due a couple of the cats becoming ill, of which they have seven and I know from conversations with them it has been very tough , plus through other things going on as well, which I wont get into, what I do know is that they are kind a lovely people and I am fortunate to call them my friends. I understand how you feel and am here for you, like you have been for me. Thank you for being you an showing your love and beauty to the world.


I was fortunate enough to meet my cousin last Night, who I hadn't seen for 27 years and I have to say you have turned into an amazing Man, despite things going wrong, you have achieved so much and you should be proud of yourself I know I am.


The last Week has been a roller coaster with Chester's death and will take a long time to get over, but I do know I had the honor of meeting some lovely people and I thank you for this. Chester was an amazing person and so are you, yes you, be proud, you have come through so much, you are able to achieve and do things, even if in your mind at the moment you don't feel you can at the moment, well guess what your human and need to give yourself a break, Rome wasn't built in a Day and things take time, if you need help ask for it, whats the worse that can happen, someone will say No, well guess what they aren't worth your time, move on to people who will help you. Love yourself to not accept bad treatment as you are beautiful.


I dedicate this blog to Chester and how you have helped and will continue to, we all think you are amazing and you will be missed so much, so badly. I thank you for your music and you


How you can honor Chester and Yourself


If you are in pain ask for help

We cannot judge you as it isn't our place

If you feel terrible about yourself talk to someone

Surround yourself with positive and respectful people, who believe in you

Allow yourself to make mistakes, you are human

If someone isn't good to you, tell them how you feel, if they carry it on walk away and respect yourself

You are amazing and can do so much

We understand how you feel

Be yourself, don't try to change to please people, if someone doesn't like (unless you are endangering yourself or them) don't bother with them

If you feel suicidal ring the Samaritans, ring a friend, ring your Doctor and ask for help, but ask for help

Take time to understand how you feel, this can help you understand yourself, this will allow you to become stronger in yourself, you ask how I can say this? well I have lived and know this to be true and has helped me loads




Much love Jason






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