The spirit of life and being a warrior

August 28, 2017



Hey everyone so hope you are well and enjoying your Day. So I have just returned from helping out with my friends Ashley Lewis and Nigel Lewis at Mansell Raceway, Dunkerton and what beautiful weather we have had. As you all know I love Motorsport and part of my learning whilst training was to undertake a first aid in sport qualification, which involved assessing people with different injuries and prioritizing the severity of the injuries, part of being able to help people is to practice and practice to make sure you are ready when injuries happen, but to ensure you have the right communication channels in place to ensure quick transportation to hospital. Well yesterday I witnessed probably the worst crash I have seen, leaving the kart broken and two drivers injured, one of the two drivers quite luckily only sustained muscular injuries, but emotionally shocked, whilst the other driver was launched out of his car and had the presence of mind to hold himself on a ball, which I am of no doubt saved him from worse injuries. I had only seen the aftermath of the crash as I had been in the toilet, but the devastation on the track was visually shocking and my first thought was that Ashley was injured and I went into panic mode. I searched round to find him and luckily found him round the 3rd corner of the track I felt so relieved, but then my mind went to how is the driver,who is being treated?

Well at all motorsport events there is a requirement by the MSA to have medical crews and protocals in place to ensure the speedy treatment and evacuation to hospital.


Well what can I say the Ambulance crews were on the scene very quickly and started treatment straight away, assessing the patient and treating him, then calling on the hospital to advise of the incoming patient and to ask for a helicopter to take the driver due to the remoteness of the track and severity of the injury. I am so glad to say he is recovering well in hospital and I for one feel relieved to say the least, the helicopter arrived so quickly and has the latest medical facilities on board, plus a Doctor to ensure the best treatment is carried out.


In the aftermath of the accident I remembering talking to people and them being visibly upset and why wouldn't you be, as you are in shock, worried and scared as it could be your child. I get uncomfortable with feelings, but that Is my own thing to deal with, also for the drivers who were on track on to see something like that in front of you and to have to take avoiding action I couldn't imagine what that would feel like.

From all my research into Motorsport accidents have and will continue to happen, but with any sport there is an element of risk, that isn't to trivialize accidents or life, far from it, but more so to say the medical facilities in Motorsport is second to none, unfortunately this has developed from accidents, but the training and continual practice of the crews and hospitals, also the marshals and people on site.


When I watch the drivers on track I have nothing but admiration for the warriors I see in front of me, not only because of how good they are but also the spirit and strength of characters and how much they are embracing life. When I see how hard they push and the beauty of the driving, you can't help and stare in amazement, the risks the take and the limits they push I know I couldn't do it. Ashley for the second year in a row has gone onto be the South west champ and deservedly so, but each of the drivers there are champions in their own right. When I watch Ashley race I can see him looking to extract the extra bit in braking point or performance, its like watching an aerobatic pilot, you can see that ability from practice and understand of the performance threshold of the equipment and personally.


Ashley  and his Dad Nigel has been so good to me, but also the other people at the karting events have show me such hospitality and kindness and this just shows the quality of the people and the passion they have, so I thank you very much



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