Hard work and Perseverance

September 13, 2017


 Hey everyone hope you are well? I'm now starting to really get into these blogs and really appreciate your support and love. I thank you so much it means a lot and is really encouraging.


I have been thinking about what to write next and the inspiration came to me earlier, whilst I was training at the gym for the upcoming Commando Challenge and I was thinking back to when I first started studying for Sports Therapy and Personal Training. I needed to figure out what area of Sports I wanted to work in, well naturally for me it allways was Motorsport. I have loved the sport since I was child and can remember back to Ayrton Senna and the skill he showed by dancing the kart around the track. Well I thought to myself how am I going to approach this, so the plan of action I came up with was to go onto the internet and find the Motorsport Governing bodies, from contacting them, they kindly gave me advice on who and where to contact. I telephoned round lots of teams eventually ringing Mclaren F1 and Williams, well to my shock the Human Performance director at Williams telephoned me and we had a lengthy discussion, from there we would talk by telephone and email in regards to my research and he would offer help and advice. Even whilst I am writing this I have to smile as this happened to me. Well I would work part time in a gym whilst temping, then on the Weekends helping a junior driver plus other teams free of charge to further develop my research and gain more understanding of the effects of different types of racing on the body, sometimes you have to do this just to gain trust and understanding of your strengths and abilities.


Well  a year after carrying out all this work I had been speaking to another person who owned a Human performance company, who asked me if I want to work at Le Mans for TVR, did i have to think about this? No definitely not I couldn't wait. I was going to work for a team called Chamberlain Synergy. Well I arrived at circuit after meeting Bob Berridge the Co-Owner of the team, he was a typical Yorkshire man, said it straight and there was no messing, which is just the way I like to operate, everyone knows where they stand and that's great in my books.

It was one of the most enjoyable yet hard experiences of my life. I was responsible for 3 of the drivers, which would involve coordinating with the Chef's to ensure the drivers got the food they needed, but also that it was on time for either when they got out of the car, after they had been cooled down and massaged, also making sure the food was ready before they got in the car. I was also responsible for ensuring their race wear was dry and in the right place for when they needed it. I looked after their hydration and monitored their levels of alertness. Being part of a team I made sure the rest of the team where kept fed and watered.


Part of the Le-Mans 24hrs involved night and evening testing, which gives you the opportunity to make sure everything you are doing is working in preparation for the main event. Come the Morning of the 24hrs everything was in place and co-ordinated to perfection even if I do say so myself. Drivers would take stints between one to two hours and this would carry on throughout the Night, by the sunrise the team had both cars breakdown and I must say they worked there arses off to repair them and the cars finished the race. I was so proud and so lucky to be part of this team. Bob invited me back when they had there new car, the Lola which is an LMP sports car, both to testing at Paul Ricard in France, which for me was the most gorgeous place I had been to and Bob put us all up in this beautiful hotel, which looked out onto the sea, he also paid for us to have dinner. Another time we went to Spa in Belgium and I drove over there with one of the team members. It was a great occasion. I am so thankful and lucky to have had these experiences and look back on them with fond memories. I am so happy to say I am back in contact with Bob and the team. I have also become friends with Steve Briggs who was really helpful to me, he works for Bob's team and he made me feel so welcome and we had a great laugh together. Thank you Steve.


With the upcoming Commando Challenge my mind is now going back to when I was training for my Marines potential Recruits course when I was 21, which is now 22 years ago as I will be 43 on October the 10th. Each Morning I would be up at 5.30am to go for a long run, most of the time throwing up as I was running along and then circuit training in the Evening or Swimming, well roll forward nearly a year later and I undertook and passed my recruit course to Join the Royal Marines, even now I'm so chuffed to write this.


I may have had a car accident. I may have a neurological disorder as a consequence. I have had all these experiences and still have the Commando Spirit, so when someone says I will struggle, well they don't know me, each of these experience have made me stronger and the people along the way and now I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have given and still continue to give me.


Much love and kindness







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