The importance of not giving up

September 24, 2017



Hello everyone and hope you are well. I was speaking to one of my good friends yesterday and she said I should write about my journey with my nerve disorder, which is called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, but thought I would start at the beginning and also explain about the difference between Chronic and acute injuries/disorders. An Acute injury is something which lasts only a short time, for example a few weeks or maybe a Month, like a sprained ankle. A Chronic disorder is something which last long term, for example my nerve disorder.

Well you may ask Jason how did this happen? Back in 2010 I was driving to pick my friend up to ironically go to a Russell Brand stand up comedy night, well as I was going round a bend, this person we shall call them, even though I still feel angry with them. As I was driving round this bend this person decided to pull out on me, well I swerved to avoid him and slammed my breaks on, he smashed in the side of my car and damaged the steering rack, suffice to say I was completely pissed of with him, but maintained my composure, after chatting to him I took his details even though he wanted to go outside of the insurance company, one thing I hate is people without integrity, obviously I went through the insurance company, thank god as all my medical bills were paid for, which was a blessing in disguise as I needed and still need lots of help.

Well from 2010 onwards I was diagnosed with CRPS due to a partially detached chest muscle, which for many years I was in denial about and have been taking lots of medication for it and without this medication I would be completely immobilized. Well I went to see lots of different medical specialists one of which when I was putting my point across to him, well to my shock stood with his back to me in the corner, because he didn't like what I was saying, this person was an arm surgeon and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, eventually I went to the Mineral Hospital in Bath and after testing I was convinced that I have this disorder, well you may ask why I was so persistent in finding answers and not accepting what I was told, part of it was my own knowledge and how the nerve disorder was presenting itself, well part of the disorder is that you get inflammation at certain parts of the arm joint and therefore with sports therapy and anatomy knowledge you could assume as visually you see something that this it what is causing it and not the nerve disorder, but also my own fighting spirit.

Moving forward I thought I would give an explanation of the nerve disorder, as even with the word nerve disorder you could think that the nerves are damaged and this isn't necessarily the case.

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome can occur from a couple of things, either surgery or a trauma such as an accident, but don't think this will happen to everyone from surgery as I don't want to scare anyone. What then happens well you become hyper sensitive to changes in air pressure due to the sympathetic nervous system being hyper alert, this means that when it is a bit cold to most people, well it is blood freezing to me. Also most of the time your hands and feet are on fire and it is like you are continually being burnt, the pain itself is excruciating, yes I take pain killers from it, does it make me depressed, damn right and sometimes I wish for death due to the pain, does that mean I would do something, hell not even though I may feel really down sometimes, it also makes you so tired as it is mentally exhausting, you are also hyper sensitive to touch. Your hands can change colour to blue, also your elbows swell and you have to take medication to reduce the swelling, but also I have to massage and manipulate them most Evenings, which is so painful, even typing now is really painful and my hands are on fire and my feet are freezing, yep how messed up is this. I sleep a lot, but as my friend said it is the body preserving and helping itself to combat the disorder. Can it get worse, it could, but as I trained in Sports Therapy I have been able to help myself from it getting worse.

Well where am I going with this, more so to say we each have challenges I am lucky I have people to talk to, which is very important and helps the nervous system as any stress can make the disorder worse.

It is important from my point of view to keep fighting even though there many not be a light as without fighting you can slowly go down hill and answers can be found, don't me wrong there are times when I feel down, but I am luck to help my friends at go kart racing,which is a distraction and a good one at that, also I have people who inspire me and help me. Thank you Nigel Lewis, Ashley Lewis,Peter Barnett, Tracey Martin, Julee Kassey and everyone else who has and continually help me, even though sometimes I may feel completely down about things. I am still training for the Commando Challenge, but won't be taking part in it for a couple of reasons, one I am not prepared enough, two it would make my nerve disorder worse and I can't let that happen. Well I am off to the gym soon to make sure I keep this nerve disorder from getting worse by mobilising the joints and giving myself better posture and alignment to help my nerves communicate better with my body and I have lost 4 kgs. Like everything I write it is not for you to feel sorry for me, but to help other people to show that there is a way forward it just requires thought and consideration and communication with other people and professionals.


Much love



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