The importance of not giving up and finding solutions

October 13, 2017

Hey everyone and hope you are well? I needed to take some time out and digest some things going on before starting to write another blog, but have now sorted those things.


I had been watching a video recently about Alex Zinardi, if you don't know who he is, well he was a formula one driver and then went to cart racing, whilst in cart racing at a race in Germany, he had a horrendous accident which he lost both of his legs. At the time of the accident he had multiple blood transfusions and was read the last rights.  After the accident he was told he lost his legs and he obviously was distraught and psychologically scared from, but do you know what happened and what he done, well he went onto to race in World Touring cars in a specially adapted car, he actually won races, yes he won races. He went back to the track where he had his accident and drove 12 laps in an adapted car, although the Doctors were hard pressed to sign off him going in the car, he also drove a specially adapted F1 car. He then went onto compete and win, yes win in the Paralympics, taking a gold Medal and Silver Medal. He even admits these Days the psychological scars aren't really there. Well I don't know what to say to that.

This brings me on to my next person Mark Ormrod, he was a Royal Marine serving in Afghanistan, whilst on patrol he knelt down and detonated an IED, he was rushed to hospital and he had to have both of his legs amputated and one of his arms, he was told by the Doctors he would spend the rest of this life in a wheel chair, well guess what, he didn't. He competes in martial arts, Hand cycling, swimming. He has also taken part in a 3500 mile event to raise money for injured service personnel and raise awareness. Whilst Mark was in recovery, the financial support he received was not good to say the least. He and his family went through the stress and anxiety of not knowing what was going to happen next. Since then he has competed in the Paralympics after traveling to the USA to look into and gain a greater understanding of the different types of prosthetics available. Only recently did he compete in the Invictus games, he done amazingly and came back with many medals. The Invictus games was set up/supported by Prince Harry, he himself an officer in the military. Mr.Ormrod and I call him this as I feel he deserves my respect, has achieved so much. He now also works as a motivational speaker. To put this into context, to get in the Marines is so hard, the reason I can say this is that I have been there, but not completed the training like Mark did and he went on to serve in many places. To complete the training is so hard and you have to be a special character.


Both of these men have overcome and exceed their disabilities and pretty much stuck two fingers up to it and the medical profession in regards to stating limitations for these men.


Each disability in itself gives you a level of psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety, although my CRPS is not a limitation of of the limbs, it in itself is terrible, it leaves your body on fire, swelling joints, having to massage and strip the joints each Night, which is like slicing your arms with a chisel,but I have found answers and I feel part of that determination comes from going to the Royal Marines, but also the type of character I am, which I think draws me to these men.


So whats the moral of this, well there are answers to be found, but make sure you ask for help and advice especially from Medically qualified people. With depression there is help, but talk to friends, family people you trust. Chester Bennington died recently, but not because he didn't ask for help as his depression was widely publicized and formed a massive part of the genius which is Linkin Park. Some days we can all be in dark places, but do reach out. It's amazing what advice and help is out there


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