The Importance of grieving and celebrating a persons life

October 29, 2017

 Hi everyone, so as I write this, well it feels really strange to write, as last Night I witnessed Linkin Park play for the first time since Chester Bennington's untimely death and the pain in their voices, faces in there whole presence was so apparent, even typing this now I feel so overwhelmed, with pain, upset, joy love, but more so in the bravery they have showed in performing and celebrating Chester life, but it also important in the healing process, which I don't mean forgetting the person, but more so in recognizing they are gone, of course we are aware they have passed, the silence, the space, the lack of visual presence, but also the person or animals presence.


I remember being at the last Linkin park concert in Birmingham, which now writing this, well it is strange to think he is gone and it is a terrible tragedy. I had always wanted to see Linkin Park and had followed them for many, many years, to listen to Chester's voice and how in sync the band were, even saying this now doesn't do them justice, but I feel privileged to have witnessed this amazing man/band.


I think for me, what is amazing is how the band, the fans, the various musical artists have come together in unity to help spread the word in regards to mental health, but also that you aren't alone. What the fans have done by celebrating Chester and the band, by having various events around the world and coming together to help and supports and show that there is still love left in the world. I was lucky to have gone to and amazing event set up in London by Joe Newson and Alex Omell, well this Night was an amazing coming together, singing, drinking and celebrating the music and genius of the band. As I am blogging I am listening again the Hollywood Bowl memorial concert and one genius thing the band have done to celebrate the fans is to play the song Numb and literally the fans sang Chester's part, how amazing is that.


I ask myself and you probably do as well, how do you move forward from this, well the simple answer I have found for my own experience, well it's one Day at a time, cry, scream, shot, be angry, be sad, write what you are feeling, the memories, the fun times, the sad times, the shared experiences. The truth is you never really get over the Death of a person or animal, because you love them, you idolize them, the were a massive part of your life. I am part of another group, which at this moment in time, one of my really good friends is struggling with the death of an amazing cat called Rocky, we are here for you, but some people say it is only a cat, but the end of the Day love is love.


Linkin Park, we love you, we feel your pain, we are here for you, if anyone needs help, reach out, ask for help, call the Samartians, speak to your Doctor or therapist, but do ask for help, it is there, we are there you are not alone


Much Love




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