Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there

February 3, 2018


 Hi Everyone and hope you well? I been thinking recently about quite a few things. One of my really good friends, who helps me a lot and is an inspiration for everything he has achieved is Enzo Mucci. I first got know Enzo when I was a Sports Therapist with BMW in British Touring Cars.  He was a driver coach with the young Drivers and he has gone from working for BMW to running his own business as driver coach and life/inspirational coach, looking after drivers all round the world. What he has achieved is outstanding a proves with hard work and  plan, you can achieve your goals.


Well Enzo said to me recently that I should start documenting my struggles in regards to my CRPS which is a nerve disorder, which leaves the body with inflammation in the effected area of the body or other parts of the body, it also makes the nervous system hyper sensitive to changes in temperature, therefore if it is bit cold to normal people, to me it is freezing, but the heat doesn't really affect it. Enzo was saying I should write this in the hope it would help other people with their own individual struggles.


I hope it does, well my disorder came out because of a car accident where I got hit on the side and ripped part of my upper chest, which then set about a chain reaction of events, suffice to say having studied Personal Training and Sports Therapy, left me in denial for a long time that I had CRPS, due to how the body was showing me the disorder and from the normal point of view you could think that inflammation and lack of movement in muscles, would mean an injury and that's what i thought for a long time.


Well fast forward a few years and I have now accepted it, but the struggles you go through with people, because there is no visual reference like a break or crutches, even some indication of tissue damage, people think you re putting it on, be that through lack of understanding or jealousy that you have something wrong, yes I did say jealousy as some people think you are getting preferential treatment. Lets just star with a few things: 1. I did not ask for this disorder 2. potentially you may never get better. 3. You can get worse. 4. It may lead to limb amputation. 5. This disorder is called the suicide disorder, due to the level of pain you experience.


Recently Lady Gaga has been in the news for cancelling her remaining concerts due to Fibromyalgia, this disorder leaves the suffer in excruciating pain and unable to move, each movement is like soaking yourself in petrol and setting yourself on fire. Some of the comments  I have read have been disgusting and downright nasty and shows the lack of understanding and maybe more education is needed, but talk about kicking a person why they are down, last year she had to cancel her Concerts and this was due to the same thing, she then when on to release a documentary on Netflix detailing her struggles, so the people could see what she is suffering with.


The thing is with these types of disorders they leave you feeling terrible from the pain, but also the frustration of your body not functioning correctly. We don't need people making us feel worse.


With my nerve disorder even as I am typing this my hands and feet are on fire and it is like your are being burnt continuously . All you can do is sleep to release the pain, plus take countless medications. I try to do as much as I can, but sometimes my body tells me no


Lots of disorders are invisible, take PTSD for one thing, going to back to the First and Second World war, Soldiers were shot for having shell shock (PTSD), but now it is being recognised better, but there is still a long way to go, same as depression I see lots of people,  because lack of understanding, bad mouthing people, because they can't see what is wrong with them.


The end of the Day, you are not a Doctor and your actions could lead to making someone worse or even to take the last step and commit suicide.


You are all loved, you are cared about


If you are feeling sick or depressed, reach out

Ask for help

Talk to someone

You may not be the only person who is experiencing this

Think before you speak, the shoe may be on your foot one Day


We are Human, we are all looking for the answers (Hence the video)

Much Love





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