Taking chances and inspiration

February 20, 2018

 Hi Everyone and hope you are well. Well since I last wrote thing have changed dramatically. In a really great way. I can't explain, but lets just say it's awesome. So recently I was going to a concert, the groups name is Galantis ( one of there videos above). I had a spare ticket and invited a special person, with a level of trepedation I picked up this person. I will reveal more as time goes by and I feel ready to, but you know where you are so comfortable, you just click and it feels effortless. Driving down to London there was a certain amount of nervousness and anxiousness, but as time passed it became easier and easier.


We arrived in London and went to see my friends Sasha and Steven, with The Magnificats in Putney, athough it had been a couple of Months since seeing them, it was like I had only seen them Yesterday, when you meet such lovely people, it is so easy to transition back into being relaxed and friendly. They have been through so much and I have so much respect for them and how they deal with things. They are so loving, kind and friendly, yet they are able to share this love with the world and help people less fortunate. You can't but help just be amazed.


When we left Sasha and Steven, we rushed to the Underground Station, parking the car near The River Thames. I must say the view along The Thames and over Putney Bridge are amazing at Night time and it reminds me why I am so proud to come from London. Well we managed to get the train, transitioning from one Station to another, whilst ever mindful of where we needed to get off and then transfer to another Train.  Well we arrived at The Roundhouse, not far from Camden and I was buzzing in anticipation of seeing Galantis. Well we got into the venue and it was already electric. To try and describe the atmosphere would be really hard, but I will try. When the DJ before Galantis was on, his name is CID, he was really good and the music was flowing. Well when Galantis came on, The Roundhouse came alive, you could feel your heart pumping in your chest with pure excitment and enjoyment, pyrotechnics, Drums, decorations. You just felt completely transformed with the high entensity bass playing and the enthusiasm of Galantis and how they got the crowd going. Well 2 hours later and it was over and probably one of the best Nights of my life, it felt like a dream and I have been waiting for ages to see them. Even thinking back to it now I can't stop smiling, it was such an insane Night and I have to pinch myself.

Whilst I am typing this I am listening to Galantis and thinking I can't beieve that happened, not just because of Galantis, but the whole Night. We got back at just gone 3 in the Morning and Wow is all I can say.


It's strange how things can change, what an adventure this year and last year has been, who would have thought I would get to see my best friend from Junior School after all these Years. He has developed in to an amazing Father and husband and I have so much respect and love for him.


Although last year Chester Bennington passed and I remember being at the last Linkin Park Concert, his passing highlighted Mental Health stuggles and peoples perceptions of themesleves and things around them. I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely group of people in Camden. We sang, drank and I was going say danced the Night away, but there was no dancing. It was a beautiful way to celebrate Chester's life and this happened around the World, the fans all came together and embraced peoples fragiity and vulnerablity. Essentially we were celebrating Life and musical genuis. This Year there will be an anniversary and I am so looking forward to seeing these people again. They are all so lovely and kind


My inspiration for me is the body and how it functions, we have 300 muscles, over 100 bones, so many nerves and sensors which help to cope with things, did you know that car cooling systems and other aspects of cars are derived from the body.


Taking chances, has to happen, but I don't mean taking risks that put you in danger, but more so a leap of faith, belief in yourself that you are able, as I know you are.


You are amazing, you are a warrior and you have the strength. Yes we have our Mental Health struggles, yes some Days are terrible, but the important thing it to talk and to communicate. The more we talk, the more people are aware of how we feel ( as long as it is trusted people)


I dont really know much more than to say Much Love and stay safe




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