Death, life and love

April 6, 2018


Hi Everyone and hope you are well. I am writing this as one of my friends Fathers has passed away. These people are probably the most lovely, kind and caring people you will ever have the honour to meet. They live in Putney in London and have taught me so many things. Without them I don't know where I would be. I am so greatful for them.


I remeber speaking to someone I knew who told me something about death and it left me believing in spirituality. They said something of a spritual Evening and seeing a Ghost. I won't go into what they told me as they would be disrespectul of the trust they gave me. Prior to that I was a bit sceptical, but had first hand experience of.


Love is strange, love is hard, love is kind, love is caring, love is painful, but would I change these experience despite the feelings. Of course not, as the times, the moments, the Days, the Evenings, the Weeks, the Years experinced with people who you care about, define you as a person. Not only that love is part of love, a massive pat of life. A look a gesture, a touch, a moment, as smile, a argument. These are all experiences, but they part of life and a times to honour and be thankful.


With death this is a terrible pain in itself. It is not ike physical pain, as least with physical pain, we can heal this with pain killers, surgery or other types of interventions, of course some physical pains we cannot heal, but we are becoming better with research and people allowing themselves to be part of research.


When people are in emotional pain, we can only support the people we care about, through holding them, through listening to them, be that face to face, over the phone, over skype, over Facebook or other mediums. I think one thing I have learnt is to listen, instead of tryng to fix things, which as a typical Man I am guilty of.


I believe people come into your life to teach you lessons, some those great, some of those good, but lessons,e specially in humanity, some of those are that you make mistakes and you are human, but you as long as you learn from them and evolve and develop, so that these things don't keep happening


Remember if you are in pain, these are just my recommendations and not me telling you what to do, but more so through empathy.


Reach out and talk to someone trusted

If you are feeling low, chat to your Doctor, Therapist/counsellor or family member

There is no time limit on your healing, it will take as long as it takes

Your are not alone and don't suffer in silence


Much Love



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