Listening and Empathy

April 6, 2018


Hi everyone and hope you are well. I have been watching this fim recently called Me Before You, to be honest I didn't realise the meaning of the film when I had watched it before.


The film itself revolves around a couple of characters, one of which is a stock broker from London who is knocked over by a motorbike and is paralysed. The film itself takes a journey of the two characters, it has many hidden meanings, but I won't go into and spoil it.


What the film has demonstrated to me is the hidden meaning behind a lot of things that are said, but more so to listen to what you are being told by the people around as this is said to you in trust, but to also take on board other peoples pain and hurt and to be there for people.


It's strange, as I thought with my development and thereapy that I had learnt a lot, but I still have many miles to go. Caring is being there for people through thick and thin. Sometimes people try to push you away through being scared, but also as the pain of things is heightened.


Unfortunately with your own demons that you need to deal with, you become scared and instead of saying how you feel, you can become grumpy or pardon my french act like an arse.


I am of the belief people come into your life to teach you things, sometimes very short times. other times very long times, but you have to be thankful for those experiences. Those people you have to thank and let them go as they have meant so much.


I am of the realisation now that I have never really dealt with the death of my best friend also my father abandoning us, this pain left such a hole and since then I have never really let anyone close. I do my best to push people away.


I also came to the realisation that I hadn't been taking care of me and had been allowing my Nerve Disorder and my depression to not allow me to value myself, but also allow myself to mourn the loss of the people dear to me and the loss of my old full functioning body.


What can I take from this for the future:


To listen more

To keep going to therapy

To take on board what you are being told

Understand that people have emotions and to not react like you are the cause of the pain, but to be there for people

It's ok to let people in, even though it's scary


Much Love






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