Overcoming Adversity and Inner Strength

April 6, 2018


Hello everyone and hope you are well. Today I have been speaking to my good friend Enzo Mucci. I have known him for any years, actually since the Days of working for BMW, it's funny even writing this. I worked for BMW Motorsport, yes I made that happen. We got to speaking Today about experiences and always taking at least one good thing away from them, well I had taken a couple of things away from them. That I have started to take so much better care of myself as I wasn't doing that, the second thing was to know that I respect myself and to not allow anyone to diminsih my self worth. So I have learnt to love myself more and value my acheivements.


The conversation earlier got me to thinking about rising from adversity and the lessons it had taught me. When I was 21 Years old I was about to join the Marines, whilst I was working for a Supermarket I injured my back really badly and was off work for Months. I wasn't sure I would ever get better. The Marines Recruit Course came about and I had done virtually no preparation, well I arrived at The Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Lympstone, in my mind I had allready lost as I had no confidence, suffice to say I failed. I went home and was devesated and needed to regroup and I did just that. I sat down and worked out what preparation I needed to do, I trained twice a Day, Everyday without fail. I remember getting up at 5 in the Morning and running whilst throwing up on myself. Did I care that people could see me covered in sick, no I didn't give a shit, pardon my french. I had my mission and I was going for it. In the Evenings I would circuit train or swim, then revise the history of The Royal Marines.


When I went back to The Marines ( even typing this feels me with pride) I knew I had allready passed. I went through the gym session, which I can only describe the warm up as hell on earth. I vaguely remember the exercises, 60 Press ups, 85 sit ups in 2 minutes, 18 pull ups, 45 burpees, followed by a 5 x 60 metre sprint. The Afternoon was comprised of the Endurance course, which is a course of tunnels filled with water and mud and freezing cold water pools, the same horrednous warm up, then we set off, our hearts beating out of our chest's, we got to the end soaked in mud, we were then told we would be carrying in teams of six a half telegraph pole, well I don't know how we got to the end, but we did. I knew what was coming up next!!! We had to run 2 miles back to camp in a group. We got to the end and I was shattered.


The next Morning we were woken up, very early and we had the same terrible warm up, which then was followed by going to the bottom field and running the assault course, well typical marines style, we didnt just run through each exercise, we ran through to the first one then back to the beggining, then the first and second exercise and back to the beggining, this followed until we got to the the last exercise. At the end of it I was dead, well it wasn't finished, we had to then do a fire mans carry, well you who don't know, it is putting a person over your shoulder and carrying them a set distance, ours being 200 Metres.


That was the end of the second Day, well the last Day we had to get up really early and have, yes you guessed it, another terrible warm up. We then had to run 1.5 miles in unders 11 minutes, well I ran a great time. Bear in mind over these three Days, we also had to have lectures, interview to join and also be quized on our knowledge, well even if I say so myself, I was on fire and the Marine officer was shocked by my depth of knowledge.


I was told that Day I passed and only just missed out on an exceptional pass. I went home on the train and was so proud. Although I went to the Marines and made the decision to leave, not because I didn't believe in myself, but because I had other things going on.


What did the initial failiure and then going to The Marines teach me


To allways prepare and do your research

If you aren't ready, change the Date

Look after your body

Your mind is stronger than you think

Take pride in your appearance

You are capable and strong

Do your research, yes I have said this allready, but positive reinforcement allways help

People who judge you on who you are or what you do is generally down to their own insecurities

To believe in yourself, yes you are capable, you are amazing

Have the right people around you to help your mental and physical fitness, such as a Chiropractor or Therapist, as you will discover things about yourself

Take time for reflection on the experiences and how you feel about them and what they have taught you

You can turn a negative into a positive


Much Love







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