Cheerfulness in the face of adversity

April 14, 2018


Hi Everyone and hope you are well. A couple of Days ago I came across a Documentary of Amazon. The title of the series is " CrossFit Saved My Life. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, the series is inspirational. In the first series there are eight episodes. In the last episode the is an amazing man, his name is Rommel Cinco, he started training with a CrossFit Gym in America, the Gym is run by Jimi and Madeline Letchford. When he started at the gym he had not much experience is CrossFit, but as his charecter is, he dug into himself and became very proficient in CrossFit, but along his journey, he is diagnosed with Matesized Lung Cancer, which then went to his brain. He was given 6 Weeks to live and The Doctors and his family wanted him to not train CrossFit, but as he said, which I highly agree with, if he is fighting a disease, then to train, would help his body to fight and face the disease head on.


In the documentary despite the adversity he was facing, he would go to the Gym, he would smile, he would hug people and tell people that he loved them. Everyone in the gym was so inspired but his zest for life and infectiousness of how he is facing this adversity.  The love and support for Rommel is second to none, to fight something that may feel impossible is amazing and even though I haven't met him, well I have so much love for him. To have kept training despite the odds, well how do you do it, well that is a quetion for him, that I couldn't answer, even now whilst typing this, he is talking about how the cancer has gone to his brain stem and smiling and working out ways to be able to train. I think the brain and positivity has so much to do with how the body can adapt and change things happening internally. As far as I am aware Rommel is still alive and smiing.


The human spirit is amazing and through adversity you learn so much. I remember the first time I trained for the Marines and failed,but then had to come up of a plan of action of how to make sure I was ready for the next course, although to compare Rommel's journey and this is a completely different kettle of fish, but the point I am making is how the human spirit can make you dig into places you didn;t know existed in you a become even stronger. The important thing is to take time to ask for help so that you are not just on the jurney on your own.


Most recently I discovered a gentleman called Jay Shetty, he was a monk for around 4/5 Years and then left being a Monk to then try and find a job, but it was so hard for him to convince people to give him a chance, well now he is a motivational speaker to massive corporations, such as Google, YouTube and other big companies. What I love about Jay and Rommels journey, would be their openess to express their emotions and vulnerability, it is what touches the human heart. I remember someone saying to me that my blogs and myself are quite deep, but people around them saying that was I quite wet and weak/Spineless, well to be honest I think that is rubbish and to express what you are feeling or saying is a way to help other and express to people that they aren't the only person going through this journey, but also to say to people that you are stronger than you think. My reaction to that expression was one of anger and hurt, as you feel people close to you should have your back, but that didn't happen and I felt betrayed, but on reflection I feel i was justified in the feeling of people to have your back in relationships, as I would do that for them.


As with all my Blogs and articles, yes they are helpful to me, selfishly maybe it my own form of therapy, but also I want to let people know that when you are in a dark place, to reach out out ask for help, but also you are strogner than you think. If I can get into The Royal Marines and push myself and find depths and mind of my body untouched and extract strength from them, well you can to. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with you.


As allways a few words of wisdom from my own journey, which will hopfeully help you


Reach out and ask for help, strength can come in numbers

Tell people you are struggling

You never know, when you share your struggle, people may be going through the same or worse

You are stronger than you think

Remember to breath and appreciate what is around you

In some situations, there maybe someone worse of than you

Look for answers, if you are struggling, take time to think and you may surprise yourself, what you come up with

You are amazing

You are strong

You are loved

You are Human and you make mistakes

Take time to forgive yourself


Much Love Jason

Talk kindly to yourself and nuture yourself

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