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January 22, 2019

 Hi everyone and hope you are well. Recently I have reconnected with a great friend from The Marines, we both were on the same recruit course together and shared some tough Days on the course. It was extremely hard, but we both passed and went on to Marines training. Although I left due to an injury, but more so because of personal stuff that had affected my mental health. I look back and value this friendship and the shared bond we have. The Marines was something I always wanted to be and had acheived the start of my dream, but this wasn't to be, but for my friend he went on to serve a long time and I am very proud of him.


This goes onto my next point, as with myself things have changed and it some ways turned a dark turning in respect of my nerve disorder and the excutiating pain it brings, either feeling like I am being set on fire or that I an soaked in ice, this in turn leaves you feeling really depressed, but I have sought treatment for this.


What is important though is the friends I have that I can turn to and be reminded that I have acheived a lot and am valued and loved.  Recognising this is hard, as when you are feeling down you dont feel like this is the case, but having people like you all around means a lot and helps to push me forward in really hard times. The nerve disorder may not change, but the the strength and love from good friends and family is important.


In one of the groups I belong to, a person took there own life, due to everything that happened in their own life. This doesn't make the person weak, but more so that had be suffering for such a long time. Depression is a dark and slippery slope and I hav experienced in my own life losing people due to this. Things can be overwhelming and thats why it is important to reach out.


Exercise, sunlight, eating right, all these things help, but therapy and talking with trusted people, that you have known for a long time and have history and evidence of this trust. I don't mean paperwork or photgraphs as that would be weird, but knowing that you can trust as you have confided things before and it has kept between you is what I mean. As like anything I write, this is just suggestions and not preaching.


Much Love







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