Self Belief, Perparation and Research

February 13, 2019

 Hi Everyone and hope you are well. I haven't really been writing for a while, but decided that now is the right time to begin again.


I posted a video earlier Today about visualisation and the importance that it has in helping you with different things. One of my own personal experiences of this was when I returned to The Marines for my second crack at the Marines Potential Recruit Course. As I had prior experience of the course, having gone a year earlier and failed the course due to lack of preparation, not through being immature to lack the foresight of what is required, but more so due to the fact I had a back injury and decided whilst I had just recovered to go anyway, well looking back on this now I am competely of the belief that it was a mistake, but with the insight into returning for a second time that I was able to prepare as I had allready experenced this, not that I would wish this on anyone.


My friend who I met up with again recently, recounted how I told him of everything upcoming, which was quite funny looking back,as I knew it was all a nightmare, but hey that's life and I look back on it now and think, we both did this and passed the course.


I remember going to Lympstone in Devon and whilst I was travelling down on the train, thinking I had allready passed and visualising how I was going to attack each task coming up.


This experience I would take with me to use in other areas of life. Having then gone on later in my Personal Training and Sports Therapy career to work with racing drivers for BMW. I would listen to how the Drivers would experience themselves in the car, but I would take the time to read racing books by different drivers, one of which was about Ayrton Senna, which would prove a godsend. When I would warm the drivers up prior to getting in the car to practice, qualify or race. I would get them to close their eyes and visualise the perfect lap, not only would this allow the drivers to see each corner and apex they would hit, but how they could see areas that would improve whilst they were racing. Each driver would get in the car feeling relaxed and warm for the upcoming event, their brain and motor neurons ( things in muscles which tell them to function) would allready be firing back and forth to send instructions to the muscles. This in turn gave the drivers confidence.


I guess the message I am giving is, research the task you want to do, prepare for it, visualise how you see it going and in turn this will give you confidence, give yourself positive messages of how good you are and that you are able, capable and qualified to take this on. you can take this message in all walks of life and in turn give you confidence in yourself and abiity. As like anything, ask for help if you need it, be that a practice presentation, parctice interview or other task at hand. It helps to get other people's feedback and can be the deciding factor in being fully prepared or second best.


Remember you are capable, you are awesome and that Rome wasn't built in a Day, but you are amazing and don't look down, hold yourself upright, pull your shoulders back, have great posture, yes insidide you may completely anxious and nervous, but that is the bodies natural repononse, as long as the situation isn't dangerous.



Much Love





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