Rising up from failiure

June 3, 2019




I love this song and it means a lot to me. It says I am going to take chances and push into the storm, with the knowledge I believe in me.




I think the last couple of Days I have seen something I have witnesses before, there is a famous person who everyone worships and then he/she does something wrong and then suddenly their value has gone from really high to nothing.


Take for example David Beckham who made a mistake by lashing out at a player by kicking him, everyone believed that because he got sent off, that it was his fault that the Country didnt go forward from that round of the tournament. It took many years for the country to forgive him, but at the end of the Day he is human.


On Saturday Night Anthony Joshua lost his world boxing belts, due to getting hit on the top of the head, then knocked down a couple of times, but don't get me wrong from an exercise point of view I had noticed one thing in two tournaments, but now suddenly people are putting him down and saying he wasn't a true champion, including saying he wasn't worthy of being a champion, but how quick people are to forget the champions he has fought and defeated, despite this now people are laughing at him.




What I find funny is how people are quick to knock someone down, push them off the pedestal that we have put them on. I think it is easy to become a critic and suddenly be an expert on the subject, but truth be told, we can only give an objective opinion on a subject if we have learnt it by living in and taking the same challenge, the reality though is that opinion is how fought and what we felt. The only person who can give the opinion of what went wrong is the person themself, but the journey is their's and not ours.




I remember going on my first Royal Marines potential recruits course. I arrived at the Marines base with a low level of fitness, due to having injured my back a couple of Months previous, this meant I had to rest and recuperate.


Well suffice to say I failed. I was really pissed off, but I went away and refocussed my energy and Mind to undertaking another recruit course, but as I had prior knowledge of what was to come, it made it a lot easier to prepare. I went away and worked out a training plan, but before I preapred I went to see a back specialist to get a professional opion on the state of my back, once I had the opion I worked a rehabiitation plan with my Chiropractor.




When I was back to full strength with my back and happy with how things felt, I went to the recruitment office to set up attempting to undertake the Royal Marines recruitment course. The date was now set, which meant spending eight Months training twice a Day, every Morning getting up at five AM to run, running at such a fast pace with weight on my back I would be throwing up, due to how hard I was pushing myself.




The next 8 Months flew by, each Day seeming to merge into one. Well I arrived at the Marines base with a good feeling from the training I had done to prepare, although there was a sense of dreed, as I knew what was coming up.


Well the first Morning we had the gym tests, which involved the most horrendous warm up and tests I have ever had to go through. I think I have described it as hell on earth, which it defiently felt like.


I was there with my good friend Dominic Cashman, we both went on to pass the test and go to recruit trainiing, although I had to leave as my back injury returned , it taught me a lot about my own inner mental strength and belief, Dom went on to complete training. I met up with him a few Months ago, which was great to see him.




Why am I writing this, well everyone has there own struggles and they will deal with them. I had risen from my own personal defeat and dug into myself and find answers. Passing the Potential Royal Marines course was one of my most proudest acheivements.




The defeat taught me a lot about myself, including making sure I was prepared in everyway and asking for help when need, ensuring I had the right people around me.




I am sure Anthony Josua will learn from this mistake and come back stronger, but I do feel it is easier for people to knock people when they are down, instead of dealing with their own struggles and things going on. So a person lost, well that person isnt you. Let them deal with their own deamons, as nobody knows what the other person is going through. Support people and cheer them on. From my experience the rise back up is harder, but when you look back at it, suddenly you realise this had made you becoming stonger and you feel a different person.




As allways, Much Love


















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