Preparation, Inner strength and rising to the challenge

June 13, 2019

 Hi everyone and hope you are well.Whilst I write this I am sat in the hospitality at The World Rally Championshipin Sardinia, its 24 degrees and it is so gorgeous here.We have all been through many  good and bad times, you may well ask where am I going with this.In life and many sporting events you can't prepare either physically or emotionally for certain things happening, but it is one of those things, whilst I am not trivialising these things, it is part and parcel of life.


What is more important, is how we learn and develop our own charecter from these experiences.

Take for example in Rallying, the driver and co driver prepare for these events, by undertaking receeing and writing up pace notes, as well as using nutrition and hydration as a tool to battle against the elements, including gym work, but even all of these things, accidents do happen. Take for example two of the drivers I have spoken to, in the last event they rounded a bend and slipped off track then ended up in a tree, this wasn't anything to do with there skill, but more so a change in the ground and dust cover. Well did they go away and beat themselves up? No they didn't, but realised it was one of those things.


I think that inner self talk is the most important things of how we love and appreciate ourselves. You must first and foremost love yourself, before other people can love you. You demonstrate this by what you eat, how you exercise and treat your body, including the boundaries we set with those around us.


How can we take better care of ourselves? Getting a  nice haircut, having a massage, going for a swim, reading a book, listening to music and many more things. How do we developm these, by continual reinforcement and discipline. We can write in a diary of the experiences we have, to provide reference points of them to refer back to, or just spending time contemplating on things.


I just want to put it out there, I am not telling lecturing on what to do, just giving an opinion.


How does this all lead into the Blog title, well about twenty years ago I applied to join the Royal Marines. I went through many medical, physical and psycological tests. I passed all of these, but then went on to fail the initial recruit course, why did this happen? Well I had an injury to my back and thought I could still take the tests. I re-applied to take the course again and I passed, although the course was hell on earth, both physically and emotionally. I passed, the thing is with this course and many other things they teach you to dig into yourself and find strength you didn't think was there. After entering recruit training,my back injury reoccured and I had to leave. Was I dissapointed? Of course, but I had got into training, which not a lot of people can say. Did I beat myself up afterwards, of course not, that is life. I had prepared as much as possible to get into the marines, learnt everything I could, but in the end life happens. I enjoyed my time there and it is one the most proudest moments of my life.


Remember you are the key holder to your life and you are strong than you think.



Much Love








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