You are stronger than you you think. You are your own hero

September 12, 2019



Hi everyone I know I haven't written for a while. I hope you are all well and life is good?


I have been thinking recently of how awesome you all are. Yes you.


All of you are dealing with so much adversity and coming through it. I know it may not seem like it, but you are doing amazing. Your heart is beating , you're breathing oxygen, your opening your eyes. Well done, what a fantastic start. I know it may not seem like much, but you are doing it. Remember these are pluses. High five to you. I know you may feel battered and weary, but you are working through advsity. You are a warrior.


Why the picture of the Lion you may ask? Well look at him, he looks tired, he looks wounded, but he is sitting there and looking majestic, just like you.




Remember Rome wasn't built in a Day. Everything takes time, Slowly, no need to rush. Don't put pressure on yourself. Don't listen to that inner critic trying to put you down, there are lots of people that could do that. You need to wave your own flag. If you start criticising yourself it is a downwards spiral, champion yourself, encourage yourself. Mountains aren't climbed without preparation, races aren't won, without pracitce. So you dropped at the last hurdle, but you were in the race. There are lots of people that can't say they even started. You did and well done. I remember the first time I took my Royal Marines Potential recruit course, well I didn't pass and was i frustrated of course I was, but I learnt so much to reapply for the course and I spent 7 Months preparing , by exercising twice a Day every day. In what ever weather was thrown at me. I remember being sick on a lot of my long runs, but that was becuase it was hard and I was pushing myself. I learnt a lot about myself in those 7 Months and I met an amazing man called Dominic Cashman on my second recruit course, although I left training after the first month of recruit training due to injury. I got so much out of it. How did you get anything in such a short time you may ask? Well it taught me about mental strength, preparation and self belief. I learnt thateven when you think you can't go on, you can. I learnt so many things, but the most important thing, to take pride in yourself.




Well fast forward to 2010 I was involved in a car accident and I partially tore the upper part of my chest and developed a neurological disorder, which leaves you in masses of pain and other different things, but I won't go into it, as this is more an insight to how much the human spirit can endure, including how much stronger mentally you are. I was fortunate enough to be a sports therapist and after the accident I went straight into , how can I help myself, what knowledge can I apply to become better or stop it worsening, as one of the aspects of this disorder is that you can have inflammed limbs due to the brain telling the body it is damaged. So I controlled the inflammation. I kept as much mobility as I could, but I also trained the opposite muscle groups to be strong, to balance out the injured muscles.




Why do I tell you this?Well you have so much knowledge to help yourself. You might be in a hole right know, but you can get out of it. I beleive in you. Remember there are people around to talk to, at the end of the phone, through email, plus on the internet, your good facebook friends.




There is a young man called Juan Manuel Correa, who was involved in a terrible accident at the F2 race on the Formula One Weekend at Spa in Belgium, he is Hospital in Intensive Care. He is a hero, Keep him in your thoughts




Much Love to you all






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