Strength, Intergrity and Personal sacrifice

November 12, 2019

 Hi Everyone and hope you are well. Today has been a strange Day, but in a good way. Its been a time of reflection and admiration.


As today has been marked as a Day of rememberance, both for the living and dead. A celebration of life and a way to honour the lives lost in war.


The personal sacrifice of these amazing soldiers and I don't use this word lightly. Having joined The Royal Marines when I was 21. I was privilged to have been in the company of a band of brothers. I was very lucky to have been in the Company of outstanding people.


To have reasearched and respected the Royal Marines. by learning as much as I could before Joining recruit training, was a way of honouring and demonstrating how serious I was. Visiting The Royal Marines museum in Southsea, Portsmouth, is steeped with so much history and heroism, leaves you in awe of these amazing soldiers.


Although I left recuirt training due to injury, it left a lasting impression on me and changed me forever.


On my journey to join The Royal Marines. I met an outsanding, strong and silent person called Dominic, he carried on in training and became a Royal Marine, went to many different places, include war zones. I wont go into it anymore than that, because its a trust thing, but suffice to say my dear friend is still here and I have so much admiration for him.


Military training is very hard,it has to be as it prepare you for the realities of war. Royal Marines training is the hardest thing I had undertaken. I think I described it as hell on earth, but how people join together and work through that adversity is amazing, this training makes you super strong in your mind and allows you to cope and endure through things, that the normal human being wouldn't be able to cope with.


I have another another friend, Jonny, who was in the Army as a combat medic. I had met him whilst I was training at a gym, he was a personal trainer and he has gone on from that Gym, to run and manage his own business. I have actually been on one of his courses, which was really intersting. I have just realised that I didn't mention he runs different types of outdoor courses.


I feel so prvielleged to call both of these men, my friends. These men have been to places and endured things, we couldn't comprehend, but because of men like these, both past and present, we are afforded our freedom. The sacrifice they have made, well I have so much love and admiration for them


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