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January 27, 2020

 Last June. I was asked if I would work in the World Rally Championship, on the Island of Sardinia. Having been out of Motorsport for a while due to an ongoing injury. I needed to take my mind back to times I have prepared before, but this would be different as I had never worked in Rally.


As like anyone would, I set about researching the series and people I would be working with, to understand as much as possible, what I did notice from the outset, was how strong Sean and Alex;s relationship was, their love for the sport and just life in general.


Landing in Sardinia.  I picked up the hire car and drove from one side of the Islands to the other, where the service park and accomodation was to be found. I met Sean at the other Airport (which I didn;t know there was, as would have arranged a fight here!!!). The first thing you noticed was how happy and smiley he is, with a genuine enthusiasm for life. We chatted for a bit and I went off to the accomodation.


So just to beak down the Rallying process. The World Rally Championship itself, each event is around 3-4 Days of Racing, each Day a series of different stages, but to get to each Stage.The Rally Drivers, drive on the public road under normal road conditions and limits, then join each stage going as flat out, whlst trying to perfect the art of maintain control. Prior to The Rally stage days, The driver and co-driver, carry out recce runs, which means mapping out the route,that they will race on and making pace notes, which tell the driver how fast to drive, whilst communication the lengths of the each part of the route, the turning angle of the steering wheel, including any upcoming risks to be aware of.


Whilst spending time In Sardinia with the Drivers, they couldnt do enough for me and explained how Rallying works. I wont go into their preparation, as that is their routine and I would not share this information.



I was lucky enough to spend more time at different events with these drivers. Each time witnessing the drive and determination they showed, whilst always analysing and reviewing everything to look at ways of improving.


This Week that has just gone, this Team of Drivers have just won their first World Rally Championsip race in Monte Carlo, not only winning and leading nearlyevery Day/Stage, but also consistently being a good margin infront of their closest rivals.


How did the win? Well I wont go into any secrets, except to say preparation, having the right people around you. Constantly looking to improve. Leaving no stone unturned, but more so through great team work, a fantastic attitude and just general being allround good people


Much Love










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